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Project details

Contract Drafting: Builder exclusive agreement with ISP provider

Service Type:

Contract Drafting

Document Type: 

Agreement for Exclusivity


1 week

Pages (if known):


Subject Matter:

Construction/Development/Internet Service Providers


Experience Level:



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Kristina K

ContractsCounsel verified

Relevant Experience

Licensed Texas attorney with a decade of experience (law review, federal law clerk, former litigator). I know how to bullet-proof contracts.

Harrison O

ContractsCounsel verified

Relevant Experience

Texas Attorney focusing exclusively on business law since 2012. I have crafted dozens of service based agreements and have the knowledge and experience to complete this project and provide the protections the client needs.

Jeremiah C

ContractsCounsel verified

Relevant Experience

I would be happy to take care of drafting this contract for you.

Licensed in TX & NV and have been practicing for 11+ years. Based out of Houston, TX.

Let me know if you have any questions and have a wonderful day!

Don G

ContractsCounsel verified

Relevant Experience

I'm a Texas licensed attorney with over 18 years experience specializing in construction industry contracts. I have extensive experience drafting and negotiating technology service contracts that are integral to construction projects. I am happy to discuss the details of the proposed agreement and my skills at the client's convenience. Flat fee includes all correspondence and revisions through delivery of final contract.