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Contract Drafting: Builder exclusive agreement with ISP provider


Contract Type:

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Agreement for Exclusivity

Contract Drafting

1 week

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Subject Matter:

Construction/Development/Internet Service Providers



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A client is looking to hire a lawyer to draft a contract to establish an exclusive relationship between his company and a development company that is working on a 1,000 home project. The client looking to hire is the CEO of the company that will be providing the equipment and system to the new homes. Below are notes from the client:

"Here is a summary of a project that I will be involved with. Our company has been around since 1987. We are a technology company servicing 23 small cities. We have been asked by a local business man developing a 1000 home master community to create an exclusive relationship with his build. We will be providing a pure fiber, end to end connectivity to his new homes. We will be using the industry standard GPON deployment with Gig connectivity. Our single mode fiber deployment will be future proof and support 10Gig and to come 100Gig technology as this becomes available. Our primary focus on the delivery is for broadband Internet connectivity provided over fiber optics. We will be doing everything underground in conduit.This project is outside the city limits. They will have their own HOA / fees etc. They have their own MUD district – sewer and water plant..."

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