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Translation of Online Agreements

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Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy

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Agreement Translation

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Project Bid(s)

Spanish Corporate Lawyer

Adriana V

I have translated (also drafted and reviewed in both English and Spanish) a substantial number of Services Agreements (or terms and conditions of service) for different B2C businesses for industries such as retail/general consumer's products, telecommunications and finance/banking, as my professional experience as Mexican lawyer working mainly for international corporations (20+ years), includes general corporate/commercial contracts matters, telecom, finance/banking. As to privacy/cookies policies, I have participated in the drafting and review in Spanish of such policies for different online banking, education and non-profit organization services since such regulations were initially implemented in Mexico. Thus, I am fully knowledgeable of the background and legal terminology.

Relevant Experience:

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French Contracts and Privacy Lawyer

Lucie B

I'm a French licensed and UK-law trained Attorney, specialised in internet laws. Experienced in translating agreements and other legal documents from English to French / French to English.

Relevant Experience:

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German Contract Lawyer

Johannes L

I am a German native speaker and specialize in English-German and German-English contract design and audit. I have worked on a lot of ToS and Privacy Policies for clients.

Relevant Experience:

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