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Project Details

Dispute Resolution Project

Prepared For:

Nicholas Burkholder

Document Type:

Asset Purchase Agreement

Service Type:

Dispute Resolution

Desired Deadline:


Project Bid(s)


Tim E

$200 per hour

Delivery is TBD

My background: I am an attorney specializing in business, technology, contracts, and tax law with experience representing large and small businesses, family businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs across various industries.

Relevant Experience:

ContractsCounsel Verified

Arbitrator Attorney

Donya G

$275 per hour

Delivery in 7 business days


I can hep you with your dispute resolution. I am a licensed and active Business Attorney with over 15 years of legal experience. My work involves contract review, drafting and negotiating as well as contract disputes. While your case is complex, as a Judicial Clerk to a Civil Court Judge, I have seen, and been involved in complex cases and can assist you with yours.

I am extremely familiar with contract disputes. I have assisted my clients with all aspects of contract disputes, including risk and liability of contracts, payment disputes, partnership contract disputes, owners rights and liabilities as well as employment disputes, to name a few.

Additionally, I am a licensed FINRA Arbitrator. Further, I have been a Hearing Officer and a Civil Court Arbitrator and have heard over 300 cases. I review contracts, listen to testimony, hear evidence and decide which party should prevail, based on the facts and the law. I would be able to give you an argument based on the facts and the law on how we would proceed with this.

My schedule is flexible. It would be great to work with you in resolving this matter.

Relevant Experience:

ContractsCounsel Verified