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Project Details

Prepare Contract For Online Restaurant Coupon Platform

Prepared For:

Mauricio Kiglies

Document Type:

Advertising Agreement

Service Type:

Contract Drafting

Desired Deadline:

Less than a week

Project Bid(s)


Albert M

$135 flat fee

Delivery in 2 business days

My practice consists mainly of representing public entities (school boards, municipalities, etc) and businesses. In these areas of practice, much of my work consists of drafting, reviewing and revising various contracts. For that reason I feel that I would be ideal for this project.

Relevant Experience:

ContractsCounsel Verified


Kristina K

$200 flat fee

Delivery in 2 business days

I'm a Texas attorney, and I represent two restaurant groups and do a lot of work with online vendors, particularly start-ups. I can help.

Relevant Experience:

ContractsCounsel Verified


Tim E

$250 flat fee

Delivery in 1-3 business days

My background: I am an attorney specializing in business, technology, contracts, and tax law with experience representing large and small businesses, family businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs across various industries.

Relevant Experience:

ContractsCounsel Verified

Business Contracts Attorney

Donya G

$400 flat fee

Delivery in 3 business days


I can review and complete your contract agreement for your business. I am a licensed and active NY business contracts attorney with over 15 years of legal experience.

As a contracts attorney, my work would entail reviewing, negotiating, redlining and drafting contracts for my clients. I have extensive experience with contracts including small business agreements, tech start ups, partnership agreements, disclosure letters, shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements, service agreements, MSA, SOW, vendor contracts, asset purchase agreements, employment agreements, letters of intent, confidential agreements, operating agreements. NDA's, non compete, franchise agreements, privacy agreement, distribution agreements, resellers agreement, subscription agreements, service agreements, to name a few.

Generally, I serve as counsel for small business clients, providing legal advice concerning contractual rights and obligations, potential liability, analysis of risk and interpreting terms and conditions with regard to proposed and concluded transactions. Additionally, I draft and negotiate agreements in compliance with client's business needs or company policies, communicate requirements and potential risk and advise on how to mitigate those risk. Further, I engage in contract disputes and arbitration.

I am a Top Rated freelancer with a satisfaction rating from my clients of 100%

My schedule is flexible. Please let me know a convenient time for you and I would be happy to discuss.


Relevant Experience:

ContractsCounsel Verified


Itamar L

$450 flat fee

Delivery in 2 business days

I specialize in business law, which includes transactional law, drafting of contracts, consulting, real estate transactions, etc. I have a prestigious NYC based practice and work as the general counsel for many companies advising and guiding them through a myriad of issues. In the past 7 years I have 100% customer retention rate from drafting license agreements to selling buildings in NYC, to representing startup companies. I am the general counsel for dozens of companies. I am more than certain the level of detail and work my firm will provide you will be second to none and protect your rights and interests to the best of our ability. If you are interested I can provide you my office’s information and we can schedule a consultation. Thank you.

Relevant Experience:

ContractsCounsel Verified

Attorney at Law

Jeremiah C

$550 flat fee

Delivery in 5 business days

It would be my pleasure draft this agreement for you. I've worked with other coupon platforms and am familiar with what you are looking for.

While I would be happy to do a fixed rate for this project, just so you are aware, I do offer a contract general counsel arrangement - which works out to be the most cost effective arrangement that I offer. The majority of my clients retain me in this manner. Under this arrangement you would reserve 20 hours of legal services for $2,000. And then you would just send me work and questions whenever something comes up and I would bill against the reserved hours. As general counsel, taking care of all your legal needs would be my job. Also worth noting that I work with many other attorneys across most legal specialties and we are constantly reviewing each others work and discussing complex client issues to ensure that each of our clients is provided the best possible representation, so you should really think of me as providing the same services as any full service law firm.

Licensed in TX & NV and have been practicing for 11+ years.

Let me know if you have any questions and have a wonderful day!

Relevant Experience:

ContractsCounsel Verified