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Project Details

Franchise Agreement Dispute Assessment

Prepared For:

Frederick Shiver

Document Type:

Franchise Agreement

Service Type:

Dispute Assessment

Desired Deadline:


Project Bid(s)


Angad P

$350 flat fee

Delivery in 3 business days

Prior to my current role, I was working full time as an associate attorney at a Philadelphia based Franchise law firm. As an associate at the firm, I practiced on the transactional side with a focus in franchisor and franchisee representation including but not limited to drafting Franchise Agreements for Franchisors and reviewing Franchise Agreements for Franchisees. Furthermore, the franchisor and franchisee representation allowed me to work on a transactions related to the numerous aspects linked to the purchase and sale of businesses, such as the purchase of real property, assignment of leases, entity formations, partnership agreements and trademark licensing. My fee will include a review of the franchise agreement and follow up call to discuss your potential options.

Relevant Experience:

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Jeremiah C

$550 flat fee

Delivery in 5 business days

I work with a lot of franchise agreements and would be happy to review the situation for you and let you know what your options are.

Licensed in TX & NV and have been practicing for 11+ years.

Let me know if you have any questions and have a wonderful day!

Relevant Experience:

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