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Project Details

Franchise Application Fee Dispute

Prepared For:

Cosmos Cha

Document Type:

Financial Disclosure Document

Service Type:

Dispute Assessment

Desired Deadline:

Less than week

Project Bid(s)

Itamar L

Managing Member/Attorney

ContractsCounsel Verified

$550 flat fee

5 business days

Relevant Experience:

I own a prestigious law firm in NYC. I specialize in business and corporate Law. Feel free to check up my firm’s reviews on Google, and FindLaw. You will see I have one of the highest reviewed and rated law firms in the NYC area. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to helping you. Fees include reviewing relevant parts of the contract and provide an opinion with legal options.

Donya G

Business Attorney

ContractsCounsel Verified

$600 flat fee

4 business days

Relevant Experience:

I would like to apply to assist you with your franchise dispute issue. I have assisted client's in their franchise issues - one was accused of breaking an agreement, one I advised not to proceed with the franchise because the franchisors information did not appear accurate and another wanted a review of the agreement. While I agree the document is long and most of deposits and money information in concentrated in one section of the document, you will also need to look at the section that includes termination of the agreement as well.I am a licensed and active New York business attorney with over 15 years of legal and business experience. I have worked extensively with contract disputes, both as both an Arbitrator and as a Business Attorney advising clients of their rights, and how to proceed and protect themselves once a dispute arises. I have worked on various contracts disputes, i.e. financial disputes, small business agreements, tech start ups, employment contract disputes, etc. I would love the opportunity to work with you in resolving this matter. Fee includes reviewing your agreement and advising on your options.