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Contract Lawyers for Physicians and Health Practices

by ContractsCounsel
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Physician Contract Lawyers

When you become a physician, you do so with the motivation of helping and protecting others. However, you cannot forget to protect yourself as well. There is perhaps no other industry that carries the legal risks that medicine does. Here is a quick list by MD Linx of 10 laws every doctor should know.

The first step to protecting yourself is having the right legal documents in place. For this, you need to work with contract lawyers who specialize in drafting, evaluating, and enforcing contractual agreements for physicians.

Are There Many Contracts Needed by Physicians?


If you are running your own practice, there will be numerous contracts that you need to successfully operate. Some of these are one-time things, such as the purchase of an office for your practice and all the legal agreements that go along with that. Others are consistent and ongoing.

For example, your practice will need to hire various employees. Thus, you will need physician employment contracts. But these contracts are more nuanced in the medical field than they are in other industries. You have to consider aligning non-disclosure clauses with HIPAA, social media and technology privacy, and even metrics for determining when someone is too sick to safely come in to work.

Other physician contracts you might encounter include but are not limited to:

Because the risks are so high, you will want to work with a contract lawyer who has an intimate understanding of your field.

Why You Need to Hire a Physician Contract Lawyer

Contracts in the medical field are incredibly complex. The combination of legal and medical jargon can make them difficult to decipher and increase the likelihood of a loophole being left in that could be exploited, and not to your advantage. A physician contract lawyer knows exactly what your legal agreements should include and what the common pitfalls are, as well as how to avoid them.

Of course, not all the contracts you sign will be your own. A physician contract lawyer can also review those agreements you need to enter into that are offered by other parties. And should there be an issue with either type of contract, your contract attorney can help enforce the agreement.

Secure Your Practice With a Vetted Physician Contract Lawyer

The only way to ensure your legal agreements are protecting you is to work with a contract lawyer specializing in helping physicians. These attorneys know the ins and outs of your industry and how to draft, evaluate, and enforce agreements. ContractsCounsel is a boutique marketplace that makes it easy to connect with vetted lawyers who understand your industry. Save money while remaining protected by working with

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