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What is a SAFE Note?

SAFE (or simple agreement for future equity) notes are documents that startups often use to help raise seed capital. Essentially, a SAFE note acts as a legally binding promise to allow an investor to purchase a specified number of shares for an agreed-upon price at some point in the future.

SAFE Notes vs. Convertible Notes

SAFE notes are type of convertible security, while convertible notes are a form of debt that can convert into equity once certain milestones are met. Because of this, convertible notes usually have a maturity date and an interest rate. Though convertible notes are a bit more complex, both SAFE and convertible notes are:

  • Helpful tools for startups trying to grow or scale their business.
  • Converted to equity eventually.

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SAFE Note Drafting

Navigate the complexities of startup financing with confidence. Our seasoned lawyers guide clients through SAFE Note drafting, ensuring clarity, compliance, and a solid foundation for future growth.
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SAFE Note Review

Secure your investment and protect your interests in the dynamic world of startups. Our expert lawyers assist investors in meticulously reviewing SAFE Note, ensuring transparency, fairness, and optimal terms.
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Key Elements in a SAFE Note


SAFES sometimes apply discounts, usually between 10% and 30%, on future converted equity. This discount will apply to the purchase of shares on a future financing round.

For example, if the company offered SAFE note holders a 20% discount and raises money at a $10 million valuation in the future, shares sold to new investors at $10 each means the SAFE investors will buy their shares at $8 each. This is where the 20% discount comes into play.

Valuation Caps

Another way for the investor to get a better price per share than future investors is through a valuation cap. Valuation caps are a term in SAFE notes that establish the highest price, or cap, that can be used when setting the conversion price.

Most-Favored Nation Provisions

In cases where there are multiple SAFEs, this term requires that the company notify the first SAFE about it, including the terms for the subsequent note. If the first SAFE holder finds the second SAFE's terms to be more favorable, they can ask for the same terms.

Pro-Rata Rights

Pro-rata, or participation rights, allow investors to invest extra funds so that they can keep their percentage of ownership during future equity financing.

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New York
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