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Asked on Aug 11, 2021

Do salary employees pay for time off if office is closed?

My daughter is currently working for a Chiropractic Office in Jacksonville. She is still within her 90 days, she was hired as a salaried employee, if she works extra the pay is the same. However, due to an upcoming holiday, she was discussing her time off with another employee and how they would have several days off to equate to a long weekend. She was told that while they are closed that Friday if she wants to get paid she will have to use her accrued PTO or her pay will be deducted and she was told not to discuss pay, hours, or any such thing with her fellow employees to go straight to HR. From HR she was then told that they do not offer sick days so they must use their PTO for sick days and that it cannot be used for days off which does not make any sense to what was said before. So for days they are not open she is going to be getting money deducted even though it is beyond her control. She is 23, working her first real job and maybe I am wrong but something does not seem right. Is there anything wrong or am I just being a worried mother.

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Answered 397 days ago

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There is a lot going on here. A couple of high points: 1) It is against federal labor law to prohibit employees from discussing their salary. 2) Salaried employees can be required to use PTO but their pay cannot be reduced to cover holidays if they don't have any PTO available. 3) 90 days is irrelevant, many employers will have a "probationary" period but that does not affect what laws apply to the employee.

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