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Estate Planning

Power of Attorney


Asked on Apr 21, 2022

Do I need a lawyer to get a power of attorney

My uncle is an elderly man and his wife passed away in January of this year. She did everything as far handling all of the important things. He doesn't understand a lot of things. He asked me if I would take over everything for him. So I think I need to get a power of attorney to be able to do tnat.

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Estate Planning


Answered 156 days ago

Rebecca R.

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A power of attorney allows you to make decisions and dispose of property, it does sound like one might be helpful in your situation. When an attorney writes up the power of attorney, you have a range of permissions to cover all the needs of your individual situation. You’ll want to be sure that you have the ability to write checks, etc. Additionally, the power of attorney will be useful if other family members challenge your decisions or actions. Drafting the document is a fairly straightforward process, and most attorneys will bill 1-2 hours depending on whether you need additional documents for healthcare and estate decisions.

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