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Demand Letter For Payment


Asked on May 13, 2022

I am owed money for office work I did for a business owner that agreed to pay me for my hours, but hasn’t. I have sent a certified letter demanding my owed wages and the owner won’t respond to messages or anything….what should I do?

I was hired as a secretary for a small landscaping and grading company about a year and a half ago. The owner paid me for my hours I worked when I first started, but as a few months past, he fell behind on paying me and told me that he was going to pay me. After a few weeks I had to stop going there because he kept lying telling me he would pay me, but never did. I sent txt msgs and have proof of my wages owed and have sent a certified letter of demand but have not got a response. What are my next steps to file a lien or what to do?

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Answered 46 days ago

Sunnita B.

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Hello if you have sent a letter of demand the next step would be to file a small claims suit. However, depending on how much you are owed the suit may not be beneficial. Also, in order to recoup the money you have to go through litigation and win, then you have to figure out ways to get the money you are owed because the courts do not enforce money judgments.

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