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Noncompetition Agreement

New York

Asked on May 23, 2022

Looking for legal advice on a non-compete agreement in NY State

I am an existing employee of a medium sized privately owed manufacturing company and have worked here for over 15 years. I recently was asked to sign a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement. I have had a series of promotions over the last 7 years but this agreement was presented several months after my latest promotion without any additional consideration for signing this agreement now.

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New York

Answered 41 days ago

Donya G.

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Licensed in Connecticut, New York
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Signing a non compete or a non disclosure is not in and of itself illegal. In NY and in most states a non compete are individually accessed based on the language and scope (how long and what the non compete entails) and is generally examined by courts under a watchful eye as long as its not too restrictive or burdensome and would not prevent the free movement of goods and services. In order to advise you on your agreement, I would need to review it to advise you. If you need additional assistance, you may contact me directly on Contracts Counsel to engage my services. All the best. Donya Gordon

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