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Promissory Note

New York

Asked on Jun 1, 2022

Breach of contract: Promissory note

Someone owe my money which he took as a loan signing a promissory note. He moved out of Syracuse, NY and know that he is living in the state of Ohio. How can I sue him to collect $7,286? Please help.

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New York

Answered 113 days ago

Donya G.

ContractsCounsel verified

Business Lawyer
Licensed in Connecticut, New York
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Does your promissory note talk about what happens if he doesn't pay? Does the law of NY apply to your agreement? If so, you can sue in NY court. In order to get a firm answer on what to do, I would need to review the promissory note and see what it says. You can connect with me and engage my services through Contracts Counsel. Donya Gordon

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