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North Carolina

Asked on Jun 13, 2022

Is there an attorney out there who does the job with the evidence speak for the self

My apartment complex took me to court for rent old witch was not true I had evidence that was entered into the court but the grounds wasn’t laid down by my attorney stated by the substitute judge I’ve been evicted I’m homeless and I have witnesses as well and perjury from the opposing counsel I went to the magistrate I went to Districk and now I’m looking to file an appeal to appellate for damages to my person for money that was charged to me for services I never received I contacted Department of Justice and NAACP my lawyer told me well my previous counsel stated she doesn’t have time to handle appeal court because she also has a full-time job and she’s not competent enough because she never went past District Court . Breach of contract is what the apartment complex Sweetwater properties Cameron holding LLC has violated also the requirements under the whole program and not having their books up-to-date with payments from volunteers of America as well as money laundering tax withholding

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North Carolina

Answered 111 days ago

Holly T.

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I am not going to address anything except the appeal process. This is not a contract issue or transactional so I cannot comment further. Evictions are heard in small claims in front of a magistrate. They are heavily weighted in the favor of renters. Some counties such as Orange employ free attorneys devoted to deferring and defending evictions. An appeal from a small claims decision has specific time requirements and is to District court. Some District courts require arbitration for some matters. The Clerk of Court in the relevant county can advise on days left to appeal and whether there is an alternative dispute process required in this situation. If there is, the evidence requirements are not formal. A lay person can represent themselves.

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