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Lease Terms

New York

Asked on Jun 26, 2022

Am I liable for august rent payment if I’m granted a 30 day notice on july 1 st?

I am currently living in a apartment with a lease agreement from March trough August 31st. I am to make a pay on the 1st of every month. As per the agreement I can choose to renew the lease and the end of the term in August. The lease then goes in to mention if I choose not to not to renew the least I will be granted a 30 day notice on July 1st. Does this mean I can leave the end of July and I’m not liable for August rental payment? Although it stated my term is until august 31st?

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Real Estate

New York

Answered 35 days ago

Angela Y.

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Hi there, For a definitive answer, a lawyer would need to see the exact lease language; however, it is very unlikely that not renewing a lease would result in a free month of rent (unless there is another part of the lease that is relevant or there was an error in creating the document).

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