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Cease and Desist


Asked on Aug 27, 2021

Should I get a cease and desist letter?

I have an ex partner who has become out of nowhere disgruntled and left an angry comment on my business page that was something offensive to my client and that I disagreed with. It's been a few weeks of silence and Wednesday they texted me a very angry message about how removing their comment was an unethical business practice and a lot of other accusations about my being cruel to animals, have them in unsafe conditions or that I am the cause of my fosters kittens death, as well as leaving a review on my business page stating the same things. All of these statements are untrue. It's not uncommon to loose kittens when you foster sick neonatal kittens. As far as the conditions my cats are in, I can prove with photos and videos that were sent to this person in private messages were not bad but actually full of enriching toys, supplies, clean and I have people whom regularly are in my home that witness this. I'm unsure whether or not they're going to escalate since Facebook took the review down but this person has a long history of mental illness and I'm afraid of how a bad review like they gave me being posted and not getting removed would do for my business.

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Answered 967 days ago

Don G.

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If these comments are made on the Facebook platform, I would advise you to use their dispute resolution procedures. I also suggest you respond to any future negative comments from your ex-partner by contradicting the negative statements. If the comments continue to excess and you are unable to resolve through Facebook procedures, then a cease and desist may be warranted. That also may not stop the comments so you may need to seek other legal remedies.

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