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Estate Planning

Settlement And Release Agreement


Asked on Aug 1, 2022

Must I sign a family settlement release for my fathers estate in PA in order for the executor to distribute monies?

My fathers exectutor is ready to finalize the estate bank account and I received a "release" letter, must I sign it before money is distributed? (PA)

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Estate Planning


Answered 4 days ago

Ryan W.

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In Pennsylvania, probate estates are wrapped up after the executor provides the beneficiaries with an accounting. The purpose is for the beneficiaries to review what the executor did during the administration of the estate and have the opportunity to voice any objections he or she may have. The release that you received is fairly standard in the estate administration process. You are not required to sign the document. The estate can also be finalized by requesting an order of distribution from a judge. If you do not happen to take issue with anything the executor did, signing the release agreement will likely be more efficient.

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