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Demand Letter For Payment

New Jersey

Asked on Aug 11, 2022

I provide$5000 deposit to reserve an apt for my mother in an ALF. Was gold it would be returned if she needed a higher level of care, which she did. they refused to refund

When I asked why they could not reimburse even part of the deopost becasue she needed a higher level of care, they then told me that the $5000 had already been paid to the attorney who propared the promissary note. I have researched the cost of promissory notes and they run at abbout $575 max, I then asked if tthat money could be put toward her goin to the faciity once she had become more stable and they said they would look intoit and never got back to me.

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New Jersey

Answered 45 days ago

Michael J.

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I am sorry to hear about this situation. Your rights will be primarily dictated by the terms of the contract you signed when you gave the deposit, as well as any subsequent written communications with them. Assuming the terms therein are favorable, a demand letter from an attorney setting forth what specially you want from them and why it’s permitted is the best chance you have of getting this resolved quickly in your favor.

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