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Tax Agreement


Asked on Nov 5, 2022

I won a $13,500,00.00 PCH sweepstakes recently. What type of lawyer do I need? I live in Burke, VA (Fairfax County)

I need guidance on managing such a large sum of money. I have retired from the USMC/Customs & Border Protectrion, and I am getting Social Security also. I am receiving $114,000 @ year before taxes in pension funds. I live with a disabled 46 year old daughter as her caretaker. I am paying mortgage on my home, and I have a large student loan requiring monthly payments.

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Answered 55 days ago

Julian H.

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Congratulations on your win! To answer your question simply, you'll need a lawyer as one part of a larger team which would include an accountant, financial advisor. and insurance agent. Your lawyer should be versed n taxes, estate planning, trust formation, and asset protection.

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