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Acceptable Use Policy


Asked on Mar 29, 2021

Why do I need an acceptable use policy?

I am being told I need an Acceptable Use Policy for our company. I want to understand why I need one.

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Answered 544 days ago

Forest H.

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A well written AUP will provide your employees, staff, and users with clear guidelines regarding what they can use company resources for and what is inappropriate. There may be conduct that blatantly crosses the line, such as using the company logistics software to break the law, but an AUP will also address those circumstances that are less clear, such as using internal messaging to ask a co-worker out on a date or to pass along inappropriate comments. It should also address potential security and data privacy breaches that may result from using poor oversight of company databases, introducing insecure devices to the network, or visiting potentially compromised websites and responding to phishing emails.

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