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Employee Benefits Agreement

New York

Asked on Mar 21, 2023

Do you take cases for unemployment overpayment benefits?

In 2020 during covid my business was forced to shut down. I was also working, I had a job and I owned an event planning business. before filing for UI I called in to ensure I was able to file for the PUA for my business. I was told by the representative yes I can. in her words she said "anyone can apply for the PUA" she did not explained to me that I cannot apply if I had another job, or what the conditions were, as I have never filed for or been on unemployment in my life until covid happened. In september 2022 I received a letter stating that I was overpaid benefits in the amount of $62000. I filed for a weaver which I was not qualified for, then I appealed and the judge ordered a recalculation and that amount went from $62K to $58K. I cannot pay this money and I need help in fighting that this was not my fault. My taxes will be garnished every year until this is paid off. I am hoping someone out there can be of assistance to me, I really need it.

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New York

Answered 469 days ago

Donya G.

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Hello, I am sorry for the mix up. I worked with a client last year with similar circumstances. She was overpaid as well. We had a hearing and it was determined, since she had never filed before and English is not her first language that she had not done it intentionally so that fine on the payment was removed. That being said, if you were overpaid, you will need to repay the amount. She signed up on a payment plan. I suggest you do the same. If you need to engage my services to assist you, you can find me on Contracts Counsel website or my personal page Regards Donya Gordon

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