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Lease Renewal Agreement


Asked on Mar 21, 2023

Can a tenant renew the lease?

I am currently renting a property under a lease agreement that is set to expire soon. I am interested in continuing to rent the property for another term, but I am unsure if I have the legal right to renew the lease or if I need to negotiate a new lease agreement with my landlord. Therefore, I would like to seek the advice of a lawyer to clarify my options for continuing my tenancy.

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Jeffrey K.

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You need to review your lease agreement. There may be a section that discusses renewal. Some leases are silent, other contemplate automatic renewal and others will have a specific renewal procedure. If your lease has no renewal language, the lease will terminate at the end of the term. If that is the case, you should speak to your landlord about entering into a new lease, whether under the same terms or different terms. If the lease renews automatically, you most likely have to do nothing (if there is a procedure in the automatic renewal language, follow that procedure). If there is a specific procedure to renew, you must follow that procedure. Your lease may also state that if you remain in the property after the lease expires you will be treated as a month-to-month tenant and the terms of your lease (include rent rate) will remain. The landlord or tenant in that case can terminate the month-to-month tenancy with 30 days notice from the date the rent is due. If your rent is due July 1, 2023 and, as a month-to-month tenant, you want to move out, you would notify your landlord in writing on July 1, 2023 that July is the last month you are renting from him and you will be moving out on July 31, 2023. Likewise the landlord can notify you on July 1, 2023 that July is your last month or could change the terms (such as a rent increase) effective August 1, 2023 because the tenancy is month-to-month. There is also the possibility that you would not be considered a month-to-month tenant, but a "holdover tenant". Again, check the lease for these terms. If you are a holdover tenant, the landlord would include in the lease a rental increase for holdover tenants. This is still technically a month-to-month tenancy but on more expensive terms and the landlord most likely will want you out. Check your lease for renewal provisions and follow them. If you have questions, speak to your landlord. Open communication is important in situations like this.

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