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Demand Letter


Asked on Sep 6, 2021

Can you help me write and send a Demand Letter to PayPal Inc which is based in CA and my LLC was formed in DE

PayPal unlawfully took my money (over $7k) just like they did with Eric please see the post - I joined the lawsuit but I know that some people got their money back by sending demand letters to PayPal so I want to send one too. I want your help to draft the letter and send the actual physical copy. Chances of it working are far greater if it is coming from an attorney than an individual.

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Answered 354 days ago

Donya G.

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Licensed in Connecticut, New York
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Agreed; however, in order for a demand letter to be the most effective, it needs to be drafted by an attorney that is licensed in the state of the issue; for you, you will need a CA licensed attorney. This will ensure that when the demand letter is served by a CA attorney, the company will know that the attorney is licensed to bring a lawsuit in that state and therefore, it typically will ensure that it the demand letter is not ignored. You will need to post your job request on the website "Looking for a CA lawyer to send demand letter to PayPal" and outline what you need the lawyer to do. Lawyers licensed in CA will respond to your post, and after you speak with and choose a lawyer, the work can be done. Be sure to discuss and agree upon the price and the time in which you would like the work to be completed. All the best, Donya Gordon

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