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Estate Planning

Power of Attorney


Asked on Sep 7, 2021

How can wife get power attorney from sibling for mother?

My wife is trying to get power of attorney for her mom from her sister that only wants her money and now we have her mom and her sister is keeping her I’d and birth certificate so she has no control of her money gave her a bank card with no pin and no I’d so she can’t go to the bank and get her money

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Estate Planning


Answered 388 days ago

George B.

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Generally, if a person is competent, he or she can revoke a power of attorney at any time and execute a new one in favor of someone else. Every individual/business that is aware of the previous power of attorney will need to be notified that it has been revoked and given the updated power of attorney. However, if a person has any conditions that may be impairing mental functions, it may be necessary to petition the court for guardianship/conservatorship. Both of these scenarios can get complicated incredibly fast, and you should consult with a lawyer in either situation.

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