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Civil Rights

Cease and Desist


Asked on Sep 11, 2021

Does cease and desist or no contact order pertain to public community college?

College violated no contact order to cease and DESIST. What can be done to move forward to litigate?

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Civil Rights


Answered 373 days ago

Donya G.

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You will need an attorney to advise you, as such, you will need to post your project on the website Here are the steps you need to take to accomplish this 1. Post the job you need to get accomplished – for example “ I am looking for an attorney to discuss a possible violation of a cease and desist by a college -------------“ 2. Once posted, attorneys on the website that are interested and qualified will respond to your posting 3. Choose an attorney/s based upon their qualifications and cover letter to have a quick call so that you can decide who you would like to hire. 4. After talking with attorneys, choose who you will decide to proceed with. Remember to discuss the cost of the project as well as how long it will take to be completed as well as when payments will be made. 5. Once you have decided who to hire, click “HIRE” and that attorney will now be hired by you. Donya Gordon, Esq.

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