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Privacy Policy


Asked on Apr 15, 2023

What laws and regulations govern privacy policies?

I am the owner of an online business and have recently implemented a privacy policy for our customers. I want to ensure that our privacy policy is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. I am looking for an understanding of what those laws and regulations are, so that I can make sure we are following them correctly.

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Answered 420 days ago

Russell M.

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There are myriad laws that govern privacy. In the U.S. there are the U.S. Privacy Act, HIPPA for health info, GLBA for financial, COPPA protecting children, and now more States are adding privacy laws. In 2023 alone, new consumer privacy laws will be effective in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia. Doing business internationally? The GDPR in the EU is recognized as something of a gold standard for individual privacy. The GDPR created ongoing obligations for maintains and updating privacy implementation. Companies located anywhere, not just the EU, must appoint a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) if they have to carry out large scale, regular and systematic monitoring of people, for example online behavior tracking or large scale processing of sensitive (special category) data or data relating to crimes and criminal convictions.

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