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Asked on Apr 21, 2023

What's the property description in a commercial lease?

I am a small business owner who is looking to lease a property for my business. I am currently reviewing a commercial lease and am trying to understand what is included in the property description in the lease. I am hoping to gain more clarity on what the property description entails and how it affects my business.

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Answered 425 days ago

Gagandeep K.

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A property description in a commercial lease has to sufficiently identify the extent and boundaries of the property being leased. For example, it can be described by a map reference or by metes and bounds, or include a description such as "that certain building on the south-westerly corner of California and Larkin Streets." The commercial lease will include defined terms such as "Building," "Property," and "Premises". The defined terms define/describe the "Property" on which the "Building" is located which has the "Premises"/"Space" that is being leased. A sample definition of is Property Description in a Commercial Lease: ""Property" means the real property on which the Building is located together with the Building and all appurtenant fixtures and personal property of Landlord used in the operation of the Building and/or the Property, and any other improvements now existing or hereafter constructed thereon[, including the parking lot, walkways, and landscaped ground as depicted on the site plan attached hereto as Exhibit [LETTER]]."

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