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Asked on Sep 23, 2021

Can you draft a real estate option agreement that is legal in PA and NY?

Hi, My name is Shawn Mallett. I am a real estate marketer and seller that is not real estate salesperson licensed. Can you confirm whether or not it is legal for me to utilize an option to purchase contract with a seller/wholesaler with the intention to sell and assign the contract (with the seller knowing this intention) rather than the intention to close on it myself? How much would you charge to confirm the legality of the following contract in both PA and NY and make the appropriate changes if needed? Option to Purchase Real Estate Agreement Date: 06/21/2021 This option agreement is entered between the Parties, Optionor(s) and Optionee(s), below in consideration of and subject to the following terms and conditions. 1. Parties ________________ and/or assigns as Optionee and _________________ as Optionor. 2. Property located in the Town of _________, County of _________, state of _________, to wit: Lot: ___________ Grid Number: ____________ 3. Offer: Optionee has the option to purchase this property at a price of __________________. 4. Period: 3 Years (1,095 days) 5. Terms and Conditions: ‐ Optionor understands that Optionees’s intention is to find an End‐ Buyer and assign this option agreement to that End‐Buyer for a fee (paid by the End‐Buyer). ‐ Optionor understands that Optionee is acting as a principal in the transaction and is not working as a licensed real estate broker representing anyone in the transaction. ‐ Upon Optionee’s decision to exercise this option, both parties agree to move forward with the necessary standard purchase and sales agreement. ‐ Optionor may cancel this agreement at any time if they find their own End‐ Buyer or decide not to sell. This cancellation must be done in writing. ‐ Optionor agrees to allow Optionee to advertise the property for sale. ‐ If Optionee does not acquire an End‐Buyer to assign this deal to within 3 years (three year) of acceptance of this Option Agreement, this agreement becomes null and void. ‐ All parties agree that property is sold in “as is” present condition unless noted otherwise. ‐ Time is of the essence in this agreement. OPTIONOR:____________________ DATE: 06/21/2021 OPTIONEE:__________________________________________________________________DATE: 06/21/2021 Thanks.

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Answered 361 days ago

Samuel R.

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Yes I can draft this agreement for you.

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