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Commercial Agreement


Asked on Sep 25, 2021

what kind of attorney do I need I had a new kitchen put in and contractor did not follow thry and did not do thekitchenas in the drawing and contract

I had a new kitchen done and they are still unable to match the crown molding and had tried numerous toe Also he did not follow the contract and kitchen is cheap mess I paid over 450,000 he claims theyu his attorney $25,000

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Answered 361 days ago

Donya G.

ContractsCounsel verified

Business Lawyer
Licensed in Connecticut, New York
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You will need an attorney that handles disputes. What does your contract say about disputes? Generally there is a section that outlines what the parties will do if they don't agree, is it litigation or arbitration? If it is litigation, what state law applies to your contract? That will also be in your document? depending on what your contract states, that is what you will need. I am a contracts attorney and have handled disputes including arbitration with AAA. If you you would to engage my services where I would review your agreement and advise you, you can contact me on the contracts counsel website and I would be happy to assist. Best Regards, Donya Gordon

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