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Noncompete Agreement

New York

Asked on Jun 4, 2023

Noncompete agreement and industry restrictions?

I recently signed a Noncompete Agreement with my current employer. I am looking to explore other opportunities in my industry and want to know what restrictions my noncompete agreement might have on me. I am interested in understanding the limitations of the agreement and if there are any potential implications of taking a job in the same industry.

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New York

Answered 369 days ago

Danielle G.

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In order to ascertain the limitations and implications, you would need to review the specific language of the agreement. If the non-compete is very broad, it's possible it would not be enforceable. In New York, for a non-compete agreement to be enforceable, it must be for a reasonable period of time and limited geographic scope. It also must protect the employer's legitimate interest. For example, the restrictions must protect confidential information or specialized skills you gained while on the job, or some other legitimate interest. If the agreement goes beyond those limitations, a court could find the non-complete to be unreasonable and unenforceable, in whole or in part. As to what restrictions your specific non-compete imposes (and the reasonableness of those restrictions), you would need to look at the specific language in the agreement. If you are unsure about the limitations, you should seek advice of counsel to help decipher the extent it would apply to your industry in general, and the likelihood it would be enforceable in court.

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