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Employee Rights

Employee Separation Agreement


Asked on Jun 20, 2023

Employee separation agreement and COBRA benefits?

I recently left my job and I was given a severance package that included a Employee Separation Agreement. I am trying to understand what my rights are in regards to continuing my health insurance coverage under COBRA. I am trying to determine if my former employer will pay for any of my COBRA premiums and if I am eligible for any additional benefits under the Employee Separation Agreement.

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Employee Rights


Answered 344 days ago

Mark D.

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The opportunity to continue benefits after the termination of an employment relationship is required under COBRA if your employer has 20 or more employees. COBRA further requires that notice must be sent to former qualified employees with instructions on how the former employee can elect to participate in such benefits, the deadlines for making such an election, and the cost of making the election to continue benefits. Unless the separation agreement provides specifically for the payment of the COBRA premium, the cost of continuing benefits is going to be the sole responsibility of the former employee and those premiums must be made in the time periods specified.

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