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Physician Employment Agreement


Asked on Jul 7, 2023

Are physician employment agreements required?

I am a physician who is considering a new job opportunity. I have been presented with an employment agreement, but I am unsure if I am legally obligated to sign it. I am looking for guidance on the legality of physician employment agreements and whether or not I am required to sign one.

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Answered 369 days ago

Daniel D.

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Physician employment agreements are not required by Law but that does not mean they are not required by the Employer. Employers have these agreements in place to set the terms of the employment regarding salary, length of employment and any other relevant terms that they want the employee to agree to. But, that also means you as the employee could negotiate provisions into the agreement that you want if the employer is willing to put them in. You legally don't have to sign one, but your future employer can still require a signed agreement. Before you sign anything you should make sure you understand the terms and provisions of the agreement.

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