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Alternative Dispute Resolution

SaaS Agreement


Asked on Jul 17, 2023

SaaS agreement and dispute escalation?

I am a business owner who is considering entering into a SaaS agreement. I am concerned about the potential for disputes to arise between myself and the other party, and I want to ensure that any disputes that arise are handled in an efficient and effective manner. I am looking for guidance on how to best include a dispute escalation clause in the agreement that will provide the necessary protections for both parties.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution


Answered 353 days ago

Gagandeep K.

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A dispute resolution clause can include escalation to senior management, mediation (voluntary, non-binding), arbitration (more formal than mediation and can be required and binding), and/or litigation (involves a judge and/or jury). Arbitration is typically considered more efficient and cost-effective, however, an attorney can help assess which dispute resolution method(s) should be used based on the specifics of your agreement.

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