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Equity Agreement


Asked on Oct 25, 2021

What is the best way to receive equity compensation for work as a consultant?

I work as a fractional CFO to startup companies providing monthly services for a fixed fee. I'm looking to put in place an agreement where I receive a fixed rate of cash compensation each month, along with a fixed dollar rate of equity compensation each month. Given that these are startups, the valuation is generally not known at the time of the agreement. What is the best way to structure this arangement?

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Answered 730 days ago

Moss S.

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It is always difficult to set a fair compensation package when a valuation of a company for equity purposes is unknown. Normally when funding a startup company, investors are given a valuation for their investment should the company be successful. If this is not ascertainable, I would suggest setting forth certain milestones of the amount of time expended and relate that to a percentage of equity in the company.

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