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Stock Purchase Agreement


Asked on Jul 29, 2023

Stock purchase agreement and termination rights?

I am currently a shareholder in a startup company and I am looking to purchase additional stock in the company. I am concerned about the termination rights associated with the stock purchase agreement, as I want to ensure that I am protected in the event of a dispute or termination of the agreement. I am looking for advice from a lawyer to ensure that my rights and interests are protected.

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Answered 327 days ago

Merry A.

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You can submit a request for a review through ContractsCounsel and WA State attorneys will bid on your job. You can also find WA State attorneys through I'm not able to review this kind of agreement myself, but my words of advice are to not put all your investment eggs in one basket - diversify your investments into real estate, stable and secure stock, etc. Too many people put all their money into the company they work for, and lose everything when their company goes bankrupt.

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