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Dental Associate Contract


Asked on Aug 1, 2023

How to track dental associate contracts?

I am a dentist who is looking to hire a dental associate to help with my practice. I need to create a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the associate's employment, but I want to make sure that I am tracking it properly. I want to make sure that I am following all the legal obligations related to the contract and that it is enforced properly.

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Answered 327 days ago

Merry A.

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It's not necessary to write a contract - you can write a hiring letter with the terms and conditions, with a reminder that the employee is an "at will" employee. This may give you more freedom to discipline or terminate the employee than an employment contract would. However, you can also write this up as a contract. In either instance, do not violate any laws, such as the state and federal laws against discrimination (some counties and cities, such as King and Spokane counties, and Tacoma, Seattle, and possibly Spokane may have additional provisions); watch out for RCW 49.44.211, a 2022 law about nondisclosure and nondisparagement provisions; and, if you choose to include regular evaluations in your letter or contract, the most simple thing is to track those on a calender and remind yourself and your employee of the date a few weeks ahead of time. Some hiring letters and employment contracts provide for reimbursing the employer for the costs of training and/or any costs provided to the employee for moving expenses if the employee leaves before "X" amount of time.. Before hiring any new employee, do your best to conduct a national background check (not just state) and make sure it's extensive - prior performance at another job? Was the work history and education what they say it was? Any misdemeanors or felonies? What is their financial history and credit rating? Etc. Good luck on your hiring decisions.

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