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Employment Agreement


Asked on Oct 28, 2021

Is my non-compete enforceable?

If a small company made you a verbal offer of salary, car, health insurance assistance then after you signed the employment agreement, including non compete, made excuses and never made good on the car and the insurance assistance, is the non compete enforceable. I singed based on promises of a partnership and those additional perks since they didn't provide any other benefits. I turned down other opportunities because of the partnership potential and brought my own equipment and opportunity. Now after providing new business opportunity I asked for some protection in writing regarding partnership in the new technology, mainly developed by me and partly carried over from previous experience. Instead of getting the promised protection in writing I got fired. I know that it isn't in writing because of excuses but I also know they would never lie under oath. They are many things but they wouldn't do that for very religeous reasons. The non compete is onerous and those perks were to sweeten the deal so I would sign. I even met with their attorney to complain about it before signing based on their promises which then never materialized and were not provided in writing.

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Answered 305 days ago

Donya G.

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I suggest you seek an employment attorney in your area to discuss. If they are so religious, what happened to you should not have. An agreement for the partnership need to be in writing to be enforceable. If you signed an employment agreement, then you should have signed something when you were leaving. An attorney would need to review both documents to advise you going forward. All the best

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