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Physician Employment Agreement

North Carolina

Asked on Aug 8, 2023

Key terms in physician employment agreements?

I am a physician who is considering a job opportunity at a hospital, and I am in the process of negotiating employment terms. I am interested in understanding the key terms that should be included in a physician employment agreement so that I can make the best decisions for my career.

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North Carolina

Answered 75 days ago

N'kia N.

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Generally, a physician employment agreement contains most of the same terms as any other employment agreement. However, some of the terms must be tailored to the role. Additionally, the agreement may contain terms that are specific to the physician role. Below are some key terms in physician employment agreements: License and Continuing Education - By law, to be a physician, an individual must obtain a professional license and then must earn continuing education credits to retain the license. Most physician employment agreements address these requirements, including such factors as whether the employer or the employee is responsible for the costs associated with compliance. Privacy and Confidentiality - Physicians have more privacy and confidentiality obligations than the typical employee. For example, a physician must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA"). Physician employment agreements commonly address standards regarding patients' information, as well as the employers' proprietary information. Special Restrictions - Due to the nature of the physician role, employers might prohibit their physician employees from providing physician services elsewhere ("non-competition agreement"). Also, some might prohibit their physician employees from soliciting patients to receive physician services elsewhere ("non-solicitation agreement").   Special considerations - Further, as applicable, physician employment agreements will detail any special considerations for the role, such as stock options, relative value unit ("RVU") expectations, or volunteering, teaching, or scholarship requirements.

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