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Employment Agreement


Asked on Nov 2, 2021

Breach of contract?

I’m a nurse practitioner currently employees under a contract in which I was suppose to receive a bonus paid out 30 days after a 12 month period. One week after the 30 days has passed, the Bonus has not been paid. This is consider breach of contract, correct? the contract stipulates I must give 30 days notice prior to quitting. Does this still apply if he is in breach?

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Answered 316 days ago

Diane D.

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Have you asked about receiving the promised bonus? It may just be late. I would talk to the employer before quitting. And, yes, you must still give the 30 days' notice or you will be in breach. Also, realize, if you quit you may not be entitled to the bonus. I would have to see the contract you signed to actually know what you are entitled to or not.

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