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Demand Letter

North Carolina

Asked on Sep 15, 2023

Who drafts a demand letter?

I recently received a demand letter from an individual that I had a disagreement with. I am uncertain as to why the letter was sent and what actions I need to take in response. I am looking to understand who drafts a demand letter and what their purpose is in order to determine how to proceed.

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North Carolina

Answered 300 days ago

N'kia N.

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Virtually anyone can draft their own demand letter or have an attorney draft one on their behalf, so long as it is not for an unlawful purpose (such as harassment or extortion). The purpose of a demand letter is to "demand" that someone do or not do something. For example, one demand letter might request that the recipient make a payment. For another example, a demand letter might request that the recipient cease and desist defaming the sender. A demand letter should clearly state what the recipient is being asked to do or not do. Often, one that is drafted by an attorney will also state why. A recipient of a demand letter who is unsure about how to proceed should consult with a knowledgeable attorney in the appropriate jurisdiction. The attorney should be able to advise on options for next steps, as well as pros and cons for each. The attorney might also be willing to draft a response or otherwise assist the recipient with resolving the underlying issue.

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