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Debt Collection

Demand Letter


Asked on Sep 18, 2023

Drafting tone in a demand letter?

I recently received a demand letter from a creditor for an unpaid debt. I am unsure of how to respond in a way that is both respectful and firm. I am concerned about the tone of my response and I would like to make sure that it is appropriate and in line with the law.

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Debt Collection


Answered 301 days ago

Merry A.

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It is always an excellent idea to (1) Use a polite and professional tone, along the lines of how you would write if your letter could end up in front of a judge some day; (2) Have a friend or family member review your letter with you before you send it; and (3) include all your pertinent contact information. However, I do want to mention that when you write back, if you don't know what the debt is for, you are within your rights to request written verification of what the debt is for - I mention this because there is a popular scam of sending fake debt collection letters to people and causing them all kinds of stress and distress.

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