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Settlement Agreement


Asked on Nov 7, 2021

Late payment of fees

Hello my name is Nezar, immigrant I left the last year 2020, the college always sends me letters in the mailbox and I always think that when I receive the mail every time they are wrong from the main office but I did not think that I will pay the fees, the delay because I dropped the courses late last year, the second semester and then I talked to them and they told me that I took the courses late after about a month and that I have to pay the late fee, and then I understood that the privacy policy is like this?

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Answered 309 days ago

Sarah D.

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Dear Nezar, Most universities and technical colleges have a date by which you must drop a class without incurring the charges for the class--it's called a drop window. Usually that is a 2-4 week period. If you took classes and dropped them late in the semester, it was probably after the drop window for the school. I suggest reviewing the school's policy on dropping classes and trying to speak to someone in authority about negotiating a lower payment or explaining that you did not understand the drop window policy. If you need assistance in negotiating with the school, I am happy to write a letter or advocate on your behalf a settlement. Thanks, Attorney Sarah DeBruin, One Law Group SC, Green Bay, WI, and phone 920-330-9208.

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