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Home Q&A Forum Obligations after receiving a quitclaim deed?

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Asked on Oct 3, 2023

Obligations after receiving a quitclaim deed?

I recently purchased a home in a different state from the seller. The seller provided me with a quitclaim deed, but I am unsure of what my obligations are now that I own the property. I am concerned about potential legal issues that may arise and want to make sure I am taking the proper steps to protect both myself and the seller.

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Answered 271 days ago

Bobby H.

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Provided you have fully paid the purchase price, you should not have any further obligations as it relates to the Seller. This, however, may depend on whether there are specific terms in the sales agreement that survive the closing. Although your obligations as the new owner of the property to other persons largely depends on the state, in most, if not all states, you will be responsible for paying any taxes or assements to the state, county, or any municipality in which the propery is located subject to any qualifying exemptions. Also, most states impose a general duty on propery owners to avoid and/or discover and warn of certain risks of harm to any guests or persons invited by you to be present on the property depending on how the property is used (e.g., like whether the property is used for residential or commerical purposes). In some states, there may even be a similar, although limited duty to avoid or warn of certain risks of harm to trespassers on the property. A home or property owner's insurance policy will likely provide some protection with respect to the latter. Additionall, a quitclaim deed generally does not provide any protection for the purchaser if there's an issue with the title to the property. Therefore, an owner's title insurance policy may be advisable if you have not already obtained one.

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