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Landlord Tenant

Rental Agreement


Asked on Oct 5, 2023

How to amend a rental agreement?

I am a tenant in an apartment that I have been renting for the past year. Recently, my landlord has asked me to sign a new rental agreement with updated terms and conditions. I would like to know the process for amending the agreement so that I can make sure all the terms are agreeable to both parties.

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Landlord Tenant


Answered 282 days ago

Merry A.

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Speaking generally, if your agreement is a lease, neither the landlord nor tenant can amend it unless both parties agree (the same can be said for a completely new agreement). If it is a month to month agreement, if you don't sign, the landlord may be able to give you notice to vacate. What I would do is ask for a couple of days for review. Put your current agreement down with the proposed new agreeement down, side by side, and go through them together, paragraph by paragraph. At the same time, make notes about anything in the new agreement you don't like, and attempt to negotiate the terms with your landlord before signing. Please note that the WA State Residential Landlord Tenant law was modified in several ways by the WA State Legislature, effective a few months ago - this may be why your landlord is doing this. For example, a landlord now has 30 days to return a security deposit (or explain why he/she isn't); it was 21 before that, and 14 before that). To review the Landlord/Tenant Law at the same time, follow this link: If you would like to hire me to help, I am not available until October 15th, I'm afraid - I'm on vacation at Yosemite.

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