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Business Purchase Agreement


Asked on Oct 15, 2023

Who signs the business purchase agreement?

I am looking to purchase an existing business and am currently in the process of negotiating a business purchase agreement. I am not sure who is responsible for signing the agreement and would like to know who needs to sign in order for the agreement to be legally binding. I am hoping to get some clarification on this matter so that I can move forward with the purchase.

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Answered 235 days ago

David B.

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The short (but not very helpful) answer is: a person that is authorized by the business to bind the business. So, if the business being acquired in a corporation, it would likely be the CEO. During due diligence, the business being acquired should disclose that information and provide a copy of the minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors showing that such person has been duly authorized. Occasionally, the CEO will sign an agreement stating that she has been duly authorized and is personally liable, and if she isn't she will be personally responsible for the problems tha arise. That being said, each deal is different depending on the facts. First, what type of entity is being acquired? Is it a corporation or LLC or partnership or something else? Second, what was done by the entity to vest authority in the person that will sign the acquisition agreement? Underlying all of this is the need to ensure that the seller is telling the truth. You may want to contact the department of corporation in your state to ensure that the entity has been duly registered, is current on all of its filing and verify that the person signing the agreement is listed on the paperwork.

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