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Asked on Oct 26, 2023

How is ownership defined in LLC formation?

I am starting a new business and am looking to form a limited liability company (LLC). I understand that an LLC is a business structure that can help protect my personal assets from any debts or liabilities of the business. I am looking to understand how the ownership of the LLC is defined and how it affects the legal and financial structure of the LLC. I am hoping to find out what type of paperwork and/or agreements need to be drawn up in order to set up the LLC properly.

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Answered 255 days ago

Jimmy V.

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Owners of LLCs are called "Members." Members make an initial contribution of cash or other property to the LLC in exchange for their Membership Interests in the LLC. The Members can run the LLC themselves if they like. This is common in LLCs with one or only a few Members. If there are many Members, they may decide to appoint a Manager to run the LLC. Managers can be owners, and vice versa.

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