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Home Q&A Forum Can I have multiple clients in a consulting agreement?

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North Carolina

Asked on Nov 5, 2023

Can I have multiple clients in a consulting agreement?

I am a consultant looking to enter into an agreement with a client. I am interested in having multiple clients, but am not sure if this is allowed under a consulting agreement. I am concerned that if I am only able to take on one client, I will miss out on potential opportunities to expand my business.

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Business Contracts

North Carolina

Answered 249 days ago

N'kia N.

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A consultant who is an employee of the hiring party (an employer) is usually bound by the employer's restrictions, such as a prohibition against performing the same or similar work for third parties. On the other hand, an outside consultant is usually an independent contractor to the hiring party (a client). An independent contractor is a separate (independent) business from its client and is expected to generate revenue to cover its overhead, pay its employees and contractors, and make profit. Subject to applicable laws, whether to enter into an agreement that would limit its rights to provide services to third parties is in an independent contractor's discretion. A knowledgeable attorney can advise you on your rights under a proposed consulting agreement. The attorney might also be able to help you negotiate terms of a consulting agreement that protect you and your business.

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