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Partnership Agreement


Asked on Nov 15, 2023

How long is a partnership agreement valid?

I am considering entering into a partnership agreement with another person and I would like to know how long the agreement is valid. We are starting a small business together and I want to make sure that the agreement is legally binding and will remain valid for the duration of our partnership. I am looking for clarity on what the expiration date of the agreement is, if any, and any other important details that I should be aware of.

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Answered 87 days ago

Merry A.

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I cannot give you legal advice in this format, and no attorney/client relationship is formed between us. If you enter into a partnership agreement, it will be valid until the end of time unless you either terminate it in accordance with the termination clauses in the contract or on a date specified in the contract. If you are asking such a basic question, I urge you to seek representation by an attorney (just you, solely) prior to signing this agreement or any other agreement you may be considering.

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