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Business Contracts

Service Provider Agreement


Asked on Dec 11, 2021

What contracts do I need for my business?

Hello, My name is Brian Vargas and I’m the CEO & Founder of - an e-commerce platform website that will provide apartment cleaning services through leveraging partnerships with local cleaning providers. My company CHORRZ would operate as follows - I would be partnering with local cleaning providers - (i.e., Marie’s Cleaning Service) who already have their own insurance and this entity would be providing the clean upon being booked by the apartment resident through my platform, These cleaning providers would effectively be independent contractors and not my employees as CHORRZ is only the platform for seeing local cleaners to book a clean from. My question relates to which type of contract or agreement is suitable for this style of business? A Service Partnership Agreement or maybe an Independent Contractor Agreement? I’ll be partnering with cleaning businesses run by 1 person (the owner) and cleaning companies with multiple cleaners employed. Kind regards, Brian

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Business Contracts


Answered 288 days ago

Jane C.

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I suggest you have a consultation with an attorney. A service agreement or independent contractor contract may work depending on the circumstances. Best of luck with your new venture.

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